Wednesday, October 10, 2012


Buenos días, lectores!

C is back on track!

After very hard studying and getting used to his local university, C has found out how to combine both modeling and studying.
Last weekend, he signed with Alpha Male Model Management in Amsterdam, Netherlands!

Alpha Male is a young model agency, that was founded by Yannick Kranstauber in December 2011.

In the past, Alpha Male's boss worked as a stylist. Yannick came across guys with talent and he noticed that they still don't have any agency, so he decided to start one himself. Focusing only on male models, Yannick makes them develop by building elaborate and variant portfolios.

C did his first test shoot in Amsterdam while he was passing by the agency for a chat. He also met two models, who have already been working with Alpha Male.

Bart @Alpha Male MM
Shot by Ruben Schuurhuis

Tom @Alpha Male MM
Shot by Wouter van Straten

Claudio is now officially a member of the Alpha Male family!
We are waiting for the results from the first test shoot!
Send us a picture or an editorial of what you'd like seeing C do.

Alpha Male will soon launch his site, but you can already hit the like-button on its Facebook page:
Alpha Male Model Management

Lots of love,

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