Sunday, October 14, 2012


Dear fashionistas,

C is here with a fashion ISSUE about a campaign he did, introducing the dutch brand 'studioRUIG'.

I'd like to let you become acquainted with the collection and the designers. I am sure you'll love it!

studioRUIG - a Dutch concept
by Klaartje Glashorster,
Inge Hendriks and Sophie Soons

Klaartje, Inge and Sophie, the three designers behind studioRUIG, don't talk explicitly about their concept. They let their creativity and intuition speak. That's why the last three years this brand has become extremely popular and successful.

StudioRUIG captures time in their designs and accentuates them with an androgynous look, sustainable materials and strong colors. The designers favorite? LEATHER! It explains the brand's 'RUIG' component, which stands for 'rough'.

StudioRUIG already launched several collections: SOIRNOIR (09-10), PIGZWART (10-11), COUCOU MADAM (11), REVIVAL FOR THE FITTEST (11-12), RONJA (12), RONJA 2.0 (12-13) and GEORGE ET GEORGETTE (13). Together with model Marieke Blankenstein, who has recently been shot for Harper's Bazaar, C is the face of the latest collection. You can gaze the collection on the site of studioRUIG.

This still upcoming brand represents must-have clothes! It Recently appeared in Elle, Marie Claire, Fiasco, Jackie, Cosmo girl, The Ones To Watch and many more! If you want to have a look at the editorials, feel free to click here. For selling point, contact or the lovely webshop, you can also consult the site!

Down below, you can already see a sneak peek of the collection Claudio and Marieke have been shot for. Don't hesitate to hit the like-button on Facebook.

Photography by Lisa Klappe.

Photography by Lisa Klappe.

Photography by Lisa Klappe.

Photography by Lisa Klappe.

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the ISSUE-team.

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